About Us

Ekeko S.A. is a Technical Resources Company operating in Salta, Argentina, enjoying all of the taxation relief and subsidies provided by the local government.

It incubates and conceives mining projects from prospecting to feasibility, design and engineering, until completion.

Ekeko’s Directors have considerable experience in the development of industrial minerals from evaporites, including lithium, borates, sodium sulphate and potassium, as well as in the research of lithium salar geology, extraction and evaporation methods.

Ekeko‚Äôs Senior Management  have extensive local knowledge in mining and local law, as well as being highly qualified and experienced in  the fields of lithium, borates, sodium salts and potassium salts chemistry.

The Ekeko Team prides itself with 27 professionals, including five geologists, three health and environmental scientists, one cartographer, six laboratory staff, five lithium process engineers, as well as associated assistant staff in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, chemistry, construction and engineering.

Our Management

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